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Some Great Places To Eat In Henrico County Virginia

According to a top travel site, there are only two attractions in the city of Sandston. Sandston isn’t the only place in Henrico County, but it’s one of the main areas, a CDP. One attraction is the skating rink, and then there is Seven Pines National Cemetery. While travel sites might only list two places of interest in Sandston, you know there is more to do there as well as in surrounding Richmond. And you are also about to discover three wonderful restaurants to enjoy in Henrico County as well.

When you you been able to eat at a place called Ma and Pa’s Diner? That sounds really cool, and that’s what is waiting for you as you make your way to Henrico County. Ma and Pa’s Diner is located at 5600 Williamsburg Road, and you’re going to get some delicious homestyle cooking there. How does meatloaf and fried apples sound? People have great things to say about the pancakes and the coffee, too.

Wings Restaurant & Lounge sounds like a great place to eat, don’t you think? Its location is 5501 Eubank Road, and it is said to be a bar and grill. The wings are superb according to the reviews. If you like chicken wings, you are going to love this place for sure. It seems like the place has a nice atmosphere, too, for hanging out and all.

Canastas Peruvian Chicken sounds like an interesting place to eat, and it’s the 3rd featured restaurant in Henrico County. Expect great chicken and great rice and all kinds of other great food. Reviews point to the fact that the chicken is cooked over hot coals. Now you know you’re going to be enjoying a delicious meal.

That’s three restaurants in Sandston, but let’s look at one more. Shake Shop is a great place to stop for burgers, fries and shakes. The location is 18 East Williamsburg Road. If you’re up for a burger and shake, you’re going to love this place.

Whether you stop by Shake Shop, Canastas Peruvian Chicken or one of the other two restaurants, you’re going to love the food you find in Henrico County VA.. As you make your way around Sandston, enjoy all the great places to eat. Henrico County features a lot of history being one of the original 8 shires of the Commonwealth state, so you’re going to have quite a lot of fun exploring the area, too.